K-REP Solar Farm

Kumbarilla Renewable Energy Park (K-REP) is a two-stage development located in Western Down Queensland, comprising a 100MW solar farm (stage 1) and a further 100MW solar farm and 80MW Hydrogen facility (stage 2).

The first stage, commencing construction in 2023, will provide 220GWh of green power to local industries in Queensland and a pilot scale green H2 production facilities with 2MW of electrolysis for on-site Research and Development, driving the future of renewable energies in cooperation with key industrial partners. The second stage is planned for mid-century and will be used for Hydrogen gas blending, export to the Korean market, as well as local Australian Hydrogen consumption such as mobility.

The project is a co-development between Elecseed and KOMIPO (Korea Midland Power) as part of the Korean Government decarbonisation strategy. The project has global investment partners such as Samchully Asset Management, whilst enjoys local support from Trade Investment Queensland (TIQ).