KAIST Hydrogen Research Project

Elecseed are involved in Research consortium in conjunction with the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Lattice Technology as well as others to undertake research into the Liquid Hydrogen supply chain.

The consortium’s “Basic Design of the Liquid Hydrogen Import and Export Terminal” was selected as an international joint study in the field of hydrogen supply chain between Korea and Australia by the Energy Technology Evaluation Institute under the Ministry of Industry and Rural Resources and will receive a government grant of 21 billion won over the next 3 years.

The technology development project includes the installation of standardised export terminals in Australia and import terminals in South Korea respectively, and the transportation of hydrogen carriers back and forth between the two terminals. Lattice Technology Co., Ltd. has been developing a dedicated carrier for liquid hydrogen for some time.

All liquid hydrogen import and export terminals introduce standardised design and operation concepts. By being standardised and able to install and operate in the same way, it is possible to transport liquefied green hydrogen from Australia to Korea in a short time by lowering development costs and optimising operation. In addition, in Australia, land construction is minimized, which not only reduces costs and construction time, but also safer.

Elecseed are proud to be part of consortium.