Hydrogen Infrastructure and Development

The Hydrogen economy has been steadily growing in the past years, with Australia and Korea collaborating as suitable suppliers and consumers accordingly.

As a Korean owned company, Elecseed is well placed to act as a bridge connecting companies in both Australia and Korea, in January 2019 Korea announcing its exciting Hydrogen Economy Roadmap.

This roadmap outlines a goal of producing 6.2 million fuel cell electric vehicles and rolling out at least 1200 refilling stations by 2040. Additionally, the plan aims to roll out on the street at least 35 hydrogen buses in 2019 ramping this number up to 2000 by 2022 and 41000 by 2040. In terms of the energy sector, the roadmap outlines an objective to supply 15 GW of fuel cell for power generation by 2040

At Elecseed, Green Hydrogen is a key focus of ours, working strategically at all levels as a developer, sourcing funding, finding suitable projects, delivering engineered solutions, whilst managing offtake options. Our H-REP project is an example of this, Elecseed completing site analysis, energy supply studies and securing funding with global partners in conjunction with Global and local partners.

We are actively looking for new Hydrogen development opportunities, setting up the financial and legal structure, garnering government support, as well as delivering pragmatic engineering solutions around technology, storage, fuel cells and logistics. Contact us for.