Sustainability and Decarbonisation Strategies

We are living in an interesting and critical time as we shift from the use of fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, decarbonising from the technology of the 1800s to this new generation. We all have s responsibility. 

In both Australia and Korea there are federal and state targets set by international commitments as well as private and listed pledges set by boards driving the decarbonisation of assets and infrastructure. 

We work with organisations at any stage in their sustainability journey to understand their specific needs before we embark on a carbon reduction plan, helping you to minimise your energy use by your equipment, optimise your system to ensure maximum efficiency, whilst decarbonise energy generation by replacing fossil fuels with renewables, along with carbon capture or offset.

These steps may include:

At Elecseed we are passionate about the environment and work together in plotting the journey from thoughts to implementation.