Elecseed can help you across all forms of Photovoltaics, be it solar farms, roof top solar or integrated. We have experience across the design, funding, development, and delivery of solar assets as well as global connections with OEMS.

Solar Farms

Ground Mounted Solar Farms are becoming more prevalent in the southern hemisphere, either behind the meter or connected to the grid. We have extensive experience in solar farms from securing land right through to operation and maintenance We source funding, manage the approvals process, complete the design, as well as construction management. We employ in house renewable engineers whilst use the latest software technology such as PV Syst and HOMER for our designs and yield analysis.

Commercial and Industrial Solar

Roof top solar in the commercial sector represents a large opportunity to decarbonise your property portfolio, using renewable energy generation for your demand. At Elecseed we can provide feasibility, design, funding and delivery of roof top solar using the latest panel and inverter technology, aligned with monitoring.

Building Integrated Photovoltaics

The use of Building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) has risen extensively across the world in recent years, with continental Europe and North America being the main markets. BIPV is a photovoltaic technology that integrates into the building structure generally during the construction phase. Rather than installing solar PV technology, such as panels, on roofs, the building fabric itself becomes the solar PV surface capable of generating energy for use in the building. Elecseed have experience in BIPV, working closely with local and international OEMS in the feasibility, design and delivery of this exciting technology.

Our Specialist Services

Our engineering design services for photovoltaics includes the following: